Oak & Saint offers a serene escape on the Eastside of San Antonio, blending the Japanese principle of Omotenashi and the Mexican spirit of convivialidad (conviviality), a cultural emphasis on warmth. Expect a community-focused, open space with Omotenashi-driven hospitality, serving carefully crafted recipes for coffee, wine, and food that encourage well-being.


a sanctuary amidst the bustle of downtown San Antonio, where Japanese minimalism meets Mexican architectural beauty to create a peaceful retreat. Our space is intentionally designed to quiet the noise, promoting a sense of well-being and connection through Omotenashi-inspired hospitality. The environment is open and breathable, crafted to foster community and intimate moments.


an art form, embodying the Japanese dedication to craft and precision. Our baristas, true artisans, carefully curate each cup to perfection, sourcing the finest beans for a remarkable coffee experience. We're passionate about presenting a coffee journey that's not just tasted but deeply felt.


culinary craftsmanship with the vibrant tastes of Mexico, offering a unique fusion menu. We celebrate the meticulous art of food preparation, where each ingredient is chosen with intention, creating dishes that are both nourishing and delightfully complex. This culinary journey is designed to surprise and satisfy, engaging all your senses.

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